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Manitoba Water Strategy

Manitoba Water Strategy

Requests for Proposals: Manitoba Water Strategy

In 2021, the Province of Manitoba provided EMILI with a grant to establish a Water Strategy Fund as part of the creation of a new provincial water management strategy. Part of the fund is to be used to enable projects that can be applied to support climate change adaptation, environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity. The Water Strategy Fund is overseen by a Committee responsible for governance of the fund, including the evaluation of project proposals.

The Province’s announcement of the creation of a new water management strategy can be found here.

To support this work a series of projects will be undertaken with partners that will expand the current scope of knowledge on water management strategies. Project findings will be included alongside recommendations in an action plan report submitted to the Province.

Project 1: Predictive Water Supply/Demand Tool

Targeted Outcome: The creation of a functional software tool powered by machine learning that can produce groundwater and surface water supply/demand forecasts for key sectors -- for the next 5 years (short term), 15 years (medium term), and 25 years (long term), including high-growth, low-growth and business as usual scenarios -- within the south central and north central economic regions of Manitoba based on available data, with the tool having a demonstrable ability to self-update its forecasts at any point given the inclusion of new data

See full Request for Proposal here.

Project 2: Online Water Knowledge Platform

Targeted Outcome: Establish the use case (first iteration) of an online platform providing information on the most useful current water-related data in Manitoba, as well as overviews of relevant legislation, regulations and government activities, with the intent that a later version could be adapted to government standards and DataMB rules, and made accessible to policymakers, researchers, businesses, industry, representative groups and other stakeholders.

See full Request for Proposal here.

Project 3: Study - Return on Investment on Irrigation Expansion

Targeted Outcome: Delivery of a report providing findings and recommendations from a comprehensive study on the potential economic return on investment for Manitoba if the province were to expand irrigation capacity that could help expand agriculture and agri-food industries, while also offsetting drought and flood conditions.

See full Request for Proposal here

Project 4: Study - Improving Water Conservation and Efficiency in Manitoba

Completion of a study and submission of a report detailing recommended strategies and tactics to achieve water use efficiencies in Manitoba across different sectors - including, but not limited to agriculture, municipal, business and industry - based on best practices in other jurisdictions.

See full Request for Proposal here.

Deadline for proposal submissions for all projects is 9:00 am on October 11, 2021. 

Proposal Inquiries
For inquiries relating to any of the projects or RFPs, please contact:

Kyle Hiebert
Senior Program & Policy Analyst, Water Management Strategy