Accelerating digital agriculture

The Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI) was created in 2016 to prepare and empower the Manitoba economy to leverage digital disruption for success with a specific focus on digital agriculture. Click on the strategic pillars below to learn more about EMILI.

EMILI is a digital agriculture accelerator, based in Manitoba with projects that span the country. We work with industry and academia to advance the adoption of intelligent technologies and to provide people with the skills and training required to succeed in a digital economy.

Our Strategic Pillars

Guided by our four strategic pillars, EMILI works with industry and academia to provide people with the connections, skills, training, and resources they need.

Innovation and research
Remote operator standing in field with R-Tech Rover

We search out opportunities for alignment and collaboration to shorten the time it takes for knowledge to be mobilized between industry R&D priorities and academic research.

Intelligent technology integration
John Deere farm equipment operating in a large field

We encourage collaboration and create space for new and innovative technologies and techniques to be tested in real world conditions within a full, scale commercial farm environment.

Skills, training, talent development
STEM learning game with feet in background.

We create opportunities for students from non-agriculture backgrounds to learn new skills while gaining hands-on experience and exposure to a wide variety of career opportunities in digital agriculture.

Capital enablement
Aerial image of John Deere farm equipment operating in a large field

We support start-ups and connect agri-food entrepreneurs with resources, mentorship, connections, and financial support to expand digital agriculture and attract new business to Manitoba.

Collaborate with us

Working together, we can increase the integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support start-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Canada's growth as a leader in digital agriculture.

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