Artificial Intelligence & Agriculture


EMILI’s vision is to build the most advanced agricultural economy in the world here in Canada, using our competitive advantage in agriculture, technology and Canadian resources to accomplish our goal. It is the first and only comprehensive innovation strategy that is business–led, with a focus on embedding machine learning and artificial intelligence in all streams of Canada’s agricultural sector. The structure of EMILI is intentionally designed to enable Canada’s agricultural sector to be a leader in job creation and innovation.

EMILI will provide for real, tangible impact in the short term with 18 shovel-ready projects ready to file applications for approval. EMILI will make Canada’s agricultural industry more innovative, sustainable, resilient and competitive on the world stage. EMILI’s focus on embedding AI in the agricultural sector will transform the capabilities of Canadian agricultural firms and propel Canada to global leadership in agriculture and AI. We have the opportunity now to ensure that Canadian agriculture is a leader in innovation and a seller in the global supply chain, rather than a purchaser of the impactful goods and services of the future. This will generate significant economic benefits across the country and enable producers and processors to embed innovative technologies in their businesses. These initiatives will create and maintain good, middle class jobs for Canadians and de-risk the economy.









What our Members Say

Shawn Schaerer

EMILI will provide the support needed for Canadian companies to incorporate machine learning into the businesses and products. With the support of EMILI, we can become a world leader in AI/ML applied to Manitoba’s main industries, Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing and Life Sciences. We are witnessing the birth of an entire new industry and we can build world-class companies right here in Manitoba with the support of EMILI.

Shawn Schaerer CEO Northstar Robotics Inc.
Saber Miresmailli, PhD

The EMILI Supercluster will create a hub of industry leaders to collaborate with each other towards a mutual goal - using cutting-edge technology to improve the way we produce and protect our food. EMILI will support Ecoation in reaching our goal to minimize crop losses and pesticide use in greenhouses through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Access to the EMILI Supercluster will help us to fully commercialize our technology and take it across Canada and the globe.

Saber Miresmailli, PhD Founder & CEO Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.
Trent Meyer

Having the opportunity to join EMILI and benefit from such a diverse knowledge base while advancing our capabilities internally will be a key strategic pillar in our organization. We have some of the most innovative companies in the world in Western Canada so we need to leverage this advantage for our combined commercial benefit, and that of the Canadian economy, to be able to compete on the world stage.

Trent Meyer Executive Vice President Dot Technology Corp.

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