Industry, researchers, investors, and other stakeholders have more resources at their fingertips thanks to the recent launch of the Canadian Agri-Food Asset Map (CAFA). This interactive map is designed to foster connections and expand knowledge and expertise across the agri-food industry. 

“Whether you are looking for a place to contribute data related to digital agriculture, discover collaborative opportunities, or both, this database provides a valuable starting point,” said EMILI Managing Director Jacqueline Keena.

CAFA is a comprehensive, interactive map that highlights Canada’s agri-food assets, making it easier for researchers, investors, and industry partners to find connections, collaborate and share knowledge and resources with a wide audience, while gaining access to data to improve research.

This project was co-led by EMILI and Dr. Jim House and Dr. Erin Goldberg, from the University of Manitoba. Protein Industries Canada and the Manitoba Government provided funding for this project. 

Visit CAFA to search over 100 researchers, organizations, and businesses across Manitoba, or to add your expertise and infrastructure to the map.

Written by Antonio De Luca, EMILI Marketing and Communications Summer Student