Emergence Grant Recipients

Supporting Digital Agriculture Entrepreneurs

EMILI is committed to supporting start-ups and connecting entrepreneurs with resources, connections, and financial support to expand digital agriculture and attract new business to Manitoba. Learn more about our Emergence Grant.

2023 Recipients


Making it easier for growers to access essential crop data

Inputs Pro

Inputs Pro has created a mobile application designed to provide growers and agronomists in Western Canada with essential crop data based on the government issued Guide to Field Crop Protection. This will empower growers to make informed decisions more efficiently. The Innovation Farms team will be using this mobile app throughout the 2023 season to retrieve information on rates, water volume, tank mix options and more for the safe and effective application of crop inputs.

Read Mobile app and website increase access to essential crop data to learn more.


N49 Genetics developing Precision plot planter

N49 Genetics

N49 Genetics is developing a precision plot planter in Warren, Manitoba that accelerates the development of soybean breeding lines and varieties with improved stress tolerance traits suited for the Western Canadian marketplace.

Read Precision equipment aims to increase resilience of Manitoba crops to learn more.


AI for strategic weed management

GECO Engineering

Geco Engineering is developing a data-driven, digital solution for the strategic management of weeds in farm fields. Using data from farm equipment and remote sensing, they predict where weeds will emerge and identify areas of herbicide resistance using digital tools. EMILI’s funding will support the utilization of drones and satellite imagery to analyze and document the presence of both susceptible and herbicide-resistant weeds, including kochia and wild oat.

Read High-tech weed control to give farmers a look into how precise spraying can be in Grainews to learn more.


Automated grow pod for year-round lettuce

Neo Nutes Market

NeoNutes is working with Futurpreneur to purchase a fully automated modular grow pod fitted with all the necessary technology to grow highly nutritious lettuce in a controlled environment, year-round. This system allows them to provide a consistent supply of nutritious greens to restaurants, grocers, and individual subscribers in Brandon, Manitoba.

Read Promoting sustainability with digital agriculture in Fresh Thinking magazine to learn more.


Small plot agriculture research

Taproot Research

Taproot Research Ltd utilizes specialized precision equipment to increase the capacity of their small plot agricultural research offerings. The Rosenort, Manitoba-based research farm launched in 2021 to advance Canadian agriculture by providing agriculturally sustainable research services for local growers, government, industry, and academia.


Digital automation for small-batch malt production

Dacotah Malt

Dacotah Malt will work with EMILI to increase digital automation and streamline production in its Elie, Manitoba facility. Electromechanical equipment and sensors such as a self-contained transfer system to simplify the process of moving grain and malt from one piece of processing equipment to another will increase the productivity of their small-batch malt production.


Drone mapping service provides comprehensive data

GreenAero Tech

GreenAero Tech uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to provide land data to farmers, engineers, civil administrators, and construction companies looking for accurate information about their land. EMILI’s funding supports the integration of LiDAR technology, accelerating the development of their elevation mapping service. This addition allows UAVs to see through trees to provide more accurate, comprehensive data.

2022 Recipients


Technological solutions to complex business problems

Tactica Interactive

Tactica Interactive‘s software development team collaborates with clients to solve complex business, research, and integration problems by creating award-winning websites, mobile apps, research tools, games, and interactive experiences.

Read Tactica Interactive's microsite showcases agriculture expertise to learn more.


Integrating farm and food data


EMILI helped TheoryMesh create videos to build awareness of how their integrated farm and food data platform creates a traceable, efficient, and intelligent supply chain from first inputs to consumer purchase.


Converting food and crop waste into stable biocarbon

Carbon Lock Tech

Carbon Lock Tech is acquiring necessary equipment toward a complex system that converts food and crop waste into a stable form of biocarbon that can be sequestered in a range of sustainable products and applications.


Grain market technology


EMILI supported GrainFox‘s creation of educational tools to helps customers use their grain marketing technology to sell smarter, monitor farm profitability, provide market analysis, and build a lasting legacy.


Small-scale autonomous barn

UKKÖ Robotics

EMILI supported Ukkö Robotics in the development of a small-scale version of the innovative autonomous barn they have designed to make pasture-based farming more accessible.


Tracing crops from farmhouse to greenhouse

First Descent Software

EMILI supported First Descent Software’s creation of an integrated sales and marketing platform that traces the journey of crops from the farm to the greenhouse. The First Descent team specializes in creating and integrating new software tools for sales and marketing and can integrate them into your existing platforms.


Precision measurement technology

Carbon Asset Solutions

EMILI worked with Carbon Asset Solutions to test safe ways to use their newly patented precision measurement technology to measure and deliver high-quality soil-based carbon credits to global markets. Using newly precision-measurement patented technology, Carbon Asset Solutions measures and delivers high-quality soil-based carbon credits to global markets faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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