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In mid-June, EMILI Director, Canadian Agri-Food Data Initiative Dan Lussier will be bring EMILI's Fundamentals of Farm Data Program to an in-person workshop with Alberta-based cow-calf producers hosted by the Simpson Centre in the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. Read more about this program in The Western Producer. Read more New program focuses on data literacy for cow-calf producers (The Western Producer)

The Government of Manitoba announced a new provincial water strategy on November 8. “Manitoba is fortunate to have excellent water resources at a time when water security and resilience are a growing factor for companies considering where to invest,” said Ray Bouchard, co-chair, Integrated Water Strategy Committee and board chair, EMILI. “In a changing climate,… Read more Manitoba Government launches new water management strategy (MB Gov)

Rapid growth in the capacity of digital agriculture and the potential of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is transforming the agriculture and agri-food sector. This is leading to increased innovation and wider integration of technology solutions to drive productivity and sustainability. It is also highlighting the importance of cross-industry collaboration to empower people with digital… Read more Conference explores Canada’s digital ag opportunity