A recently published summary report, Manitoba’s Next Digital Leap: How Generative AI Can Drive Innovation shares insights from a CityAge roundtable discussion on generative AI that took place in Winnipeg in September 2023. 

The roundtable, which CityAge hosted in collaboration with Google Cloud and EMILI, centred on generative AI, and highlighted the importance of data privacy, governance, and responsible AI. 

EMILI Capital Enablement Manager Lasha Glennie was among 12 attendees from a variety of backgrounds who gathered in Winnipeg for this discussion. 

The CityAge report notes that “while challenges persist, there is a growing recognition of generative AI’s transformative potential across industries and its capacity to elevate decision-making processes.”

As AI practices are implemented across digital agriculture and other sectors, the Manitoba’s Next Digital Leap: How Generative AI Can Drive Innovation report states that: “it is imperative to anchor its development and utilization in a bedrock of responsibility and ethics.”

“In EMILI’s work with Manitoba innovators and entrepreneurs, we see firsthand how the rapid growth of AI is transforming how we grow, process, harvest, and deliver food,” said Glennie. “As the capacity of these tools grow, it is important to take part in roundtable discussions like this that allow collaboration and knowledge sharing across sectors.”

Examples of AI’s capacity to transform the decision making process can be seen firsthand across EMILI’s Innovation Farms, where Emergence Grant recipient Geco Engineering uses AI to predict weed locations and detect emerging herbicide resistance. Another Emergence recipient, TheoryMesh, uses blockchain to track and document agronomic data, leveraging machine learning to analyze inputs in a comprehensive way to support sustainable agricultural practices.

If you’re curious to learn more about the role of generative AI in farming, we recommend you read How generative AI can play a role in your farm, published in the November 2023 edition of Farm Credit Canada’s Agrisuccess magazine.