Emergence Initiative

Working together to support agri-food entrepreneurs

We know that start-up mentorship, access to strategic guidance, and financial support for key business scale-up activities are essential to ensure that small and medium digital agriculture enterprises have what they need to thrive.

Through the Emergence Initiative, EMILI works with corporate partners to provide financial support, mentorship, and guidance to agri-food entrepreneurs with a focus on supporting and empowering women and Indigenous entrepreneurs. We are committed to supporting start-ups and connecting agri-food entrepreneurs with resources, connections, and financial support to expand digital agriculture and attract new business to Manitoba.

Supporting digital agriculture start-ups in Manitoba

Working in partnership with Bioenterprise, EMILI is committed to driving digital innovation in the agri-food sector by providing resources and support to the following agri-tech and food start-up companies. Read more about our partnership to advance digital agriculture innovation.


We worked with Carbon Assets Solutions to test safe ways to use their newly patented precision measurement technology to measure and deliver high-quality soil-based carbon credits to global markets.


We were able to support First Descent Software's creation of an integrated sales and marketing platform that traces the journey of crops from the farm to the greenhouse.


We supported GrainFox's creation of educational tools to helps customers use their grain marketing technology to sell smarter, monitor farm profitability, provide market analysis, and build a lasting legacy.


We helped TheoryMesh create videos to build awareness of how their integrated farm and food data platform creates a traceable, efficient, and intelligent supply chain from first inputs to consumer purchase.


We supported Ukkö Robotics in the development of a small-scale version of the innovative autonomous barn they have designed to make pasture-based farming more accessible.


Tactica Interactive's software development team collaborates with clients to solve complex business, research, and integration problems.

Thank you to our partners

Working together, we can increase integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support scale-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Canada's growth as a leader in digital agriculture. Email info@emilicanada.com to learn about ongoing projects and partnership opportunities, and click on our partner's logo below for more information on the organization supporting this initiative.