EMILI, with our partner Bioenterprise, is pleased to announce an investment of $55,000 into Manitoba start-ups and scale-ups. EMILI is working to drive digital innovation in the agri-food sector and provide resources to agri-tech and food start-up companies in Manitoba.

Bioenterprise is Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine. Through its experienced service partner network, they offer a wide range of expertise and support to help food and agri-tech businesses innovate and grow.

Congratulations to the three companies receiving investment:

We supported GrainFox‘s creation of educational tools to helps customers use their grain marketing technology to sell smarter, monitor farm profitability, provide market analysis, and build a lasting legacy.

We supported Ukkö Robotics in the development of a small-scale version of the innovative autonomous barn they have designed to make pasture-based farming more accessible.

We helped TheoryMesh create videos to build awareness of how their integrated farm and food data platform creates a traceable, efficient, and intelligent supply chain from first inputs to consumer purchase.

Learn more about TheoryMesh in the video below: