EMILI is proud to join Ag Data Transparent (ADT)  as its first supporting member. 

ADT is a non-profit organization, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that assists producers with understanding and evaluating contracts associated with collection, storage, transfer, and use of their agricultural data. 

Historically, membership was limited to agtech companies who answer ADT’s key questions to earn certification, as well as farmer-led associations who support transparency and provide leadership. When ADT created its supporting membership to include other agricultural organizations who do not directly collect farm data yet want to advocate for and support data transparency, EMILI was quick to jump on board. 

“We’re looking forward to joining other Canadian members of ADT like Farm Credit Canada,Global Ag Risk Solutions, and Solio Agriculture, among others, in helping spread the word in Canada on the role of ADT in the agtech ecosystem to support the successful long-term digitization of the agri-food sector,” said Jacqueline Keena, Managing Director, EMILI Canada.

EMILI is proud to be an Ag Data Transparent Supporting Member.

For EMILI, joining ADT builds on the work of the EMILI Data Initiative to empower growers with the knowledge and tools they need to make smart, strategic decisions about their data. 

“Contracts and other legal issues are often raised as areas of concern for growers when it comes to their data.  That’s why as part of the EMILI Data Initiative we have been doing a research project dedicated to mapping out the legal landscape for data and digital tools in the Canadian ag and food sector.  ADT certification is an important piece of that puzzle and it’s great for EMILI to join ADT as a supporting member” said Dan Lussier, Project Manager, Agri-Food Data at EMILI

EMILI is currently working to build the Canadian Agri-Food Data Initiative – a national project that will drive collaboration and coordination on data governance across the whole of the Canadian agri-food sector. 

Working with industry and academia in Manitoba and across the country, EMILI aims to accelerate digital agriculture, advance the adoption of intelligent technologies, and provide people with the skills and training required to succeed in a digital economy. An example of this can be seen in the recent launch of Innovation Farms Powered by AgExpert which provides industry and academics access to leading-edge equipment, technology, and production practices.  

“Ag Data Transparent certification is an important tool for growers making decisions about the technology and vendors they choose to work with,” said Keena.

“EMILI is proud to join ADT as its first supporting member,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to build on our work to develop the Canadian Agri-Food Data Initiative and to extend the reach of ADT in Canada.” 

Learn more about ADT certification and supporting membership and read their announcement celebrating EMILI as ADT’s first supporting member.