Protein Industries Canada visited Innovation Farms in July 2023 to interview EMILI Managing Director Jacqueline Keena and learn about work taking place to test new technology and advance innovation in agriculture.

In the video, Keena shares how EMILI partnered with Actua an Agriculture in the Classroom Canada on their Protein Industries Canada project titled “Explore” to teach and introduce Canadian youth to STEM and digital agriculture programming. The program has engaged over 91,000 youth, including thousands of Indigenous youth. 

The video also highlights EMILI’s Data Initiative. Through a unique combination of technology demonstration, applied research and data literacy training, the EMILI Data Initiative builds the capacity of Canadian agriculture to make use of data and digital agriculture tools in a responsible way that benefits everyone along the value chain.

“EMILI shares Protein Industries Canada’s commitment to engaging and providing opportunities for people with non-traditional background to find their place in agriculture,” said Keena. “On these two projects, we were really happy to work with other collaborators to grow our collective capacity across the prairies.”

Watch the video to learn more.