Innovation Farms

Digital agriculture innovation on a full-scale farm

We provide innovators across industry and academia access to leading-edge equipment, technology, and production practices in order to:

  • enable farmer-centric innovation;

  • advance sustainable technologies and techniques;

  • increase digital agriculture skills and knowledge.

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Learn how we empower people to succeed and advance technology on a 5,500 acre fully-sensored seed farm

We showcase agtech demonstrations

With access to multiple years of historical data and on-farm trials, EMILI is able to demonstrate the productivity of commercialized technologies to empower farmers and others along the value chain to adopt and fully deploy digital tools.

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We test and validate agtech solutions

EMILI tests and validates new technologies in a commercial farm setting to demonstrate whether or not they can effectively solve prairie issues at a prairie scale, bringing new innovations from pre-commercial to market.

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We share data and insights

EMILI shares data and insights to optimize decision-making, increase skills and knowledge, and expand the development and adoption of ag-tech tools for economic and environmental sustainability across the Prairies.

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Collaborate with us

The continued success of Canadian agriculture relies on its ability to adopt new technology, attract a skilled and diverse labour force, and embrace sustainability. Working together, we can increase the integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support start-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Canada's growth as a leader in digital agriculture. Email to learn about ongoing projects and partnership opportunities.

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