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Collaborators: EMILI, AgExpert

We use AgExpert Field and Accounting software to provide valuable insights as part of our testing, research, and technology development. With customers in every province, and all sectors in Canadian agriculture and food production, AgExpert simplifies the entire process of record keeping from field to finance - giving farmers the information they need to make the best business decisions.

FCC AgExpert software is built for Canadian agriculture. AgExpert Accounting and AgExpert Field are simple solutions built to help record-keepers at every stage save time, stay organized, and manage their farm data with confidence. AgExpert is the first software in Canada to be Ag Data Transparent certified, which means your data is protected to the highest standards.

Showcasing technology demonstrations

at Innovation Farms Powered by AgExpert
John Deere Operations Centre – AgExpert MyFarmConnect Integration

To help centralize their production in AgExpert, EMILI utilizes MyFarmConnect integration by importing years of operation data from John Deere Operations Center into AgExpert Field. Not only does connecting directly with machine data save time and reduce duplicate entry, AgExpert helps calculate cost per acre during the growing season. This integration unlocks a wealth of historical information, enabling EMILI to gain valuable insights and optimize farm management practices.
Calculating Soil Organic Carbon with Holos™ and TCS Land & Sky

Historical data input into AgExpert Field provides a low-touch way to calculate soil organic carbon using Holos™. This will help estimate Innovation Farm’s carbon footprint using the farm management activities entered and tracked. With carbon sequestration data from Holos™ and crop health monitoring information from TCS's satellite data platform, this collaboration paves the way for advanced insights into farm management. By harnessing the combined potential of these two innovative solutions, EMILI will be able to drive sustainable practices, improve resource utilization, and enhance overall farm productivity.

weather station installation
4R Nutrient Stewardship

AgExpert is working with EMILI to promote 4R Nutrient Stewardship, including 2023 4R Day. The insights we are gathering will ultimately help digitize the 4R process (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place). With a shared vision of streamlining and simplifying data intake for farm operations, this partnership aims to empower producers by enabling them to leverage their existing farm data tracked in AgExpert Field, leading to a significant enhancement in the 4R attestation process.

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