Sharing data and insights

What we are working on

At Innovation Farms, EMILI shares data and insights to optimize decision-making, increase skills and knowledge, and expand the development and adoption of ag-tech tools for economic and environmental sustainability across the Prairies.
AgExpert field data and accounting

EMILI uses AgExpert Field and Accounting software to provide valuable insights as part of our testing, research, and technology development. AgExpert is designed to simplify record keeping from field to finance - providing farmers timely information to make good business decisions.
Soil probe installation
Multi-partner activity

Soil probes provide instant readings of below-ground soil moisture, soil temperature, and volumetric ionic content at multiple depths within the rooting zone. These readings can be used to inform a producer of optimal moisture and temperature for sowing or the level of salinity in the soil.
Innovation Farms sensor network
EMILI, Metos

We have set up weather stations, soil sensors, crop cameras, and insect monitoring stations across Innovation Farms to remotely monitor crops. These Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide vital insights to inform sustainable and profitable crop production decisions from field to field.
Innovation Farms field tours
Multi-partner activity

EMILI hosts field tours and demonstrations on Innovation Farms throughout the season to showcase new agricultural technologies, expand innovation opportunities, and increase understanding and adoption of digital tools.

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Working together, we can increase integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support scale-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Manitoba's growth as a leader in digital agriculture. Whether you are from industry, academia, or leading a start-up, we'd love to connect with you about collaborating on a project. Connect with us by email to start a conversation.