Sensors and Weather Stations

Using IoT sensors to monitor crop and soil health

Multi-partner activity

We have set up weather stations, soil sensors, crop cameras, and insect monitoring stations across Innovation Farms to remotely monitor crops. These Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide vital insights to inform sustainable and profitable crop production decisions from field to field. 

We have installed 47 sensors including METOS® weather stations, Sentek soil probes, CropVIEW® crop cameras, iSCOUT® insect traps, and an Ukko weather station. These sensors send live data to our mobile phones and other devices to provide in-the-moment insights into crop health and yield throughout the season.

The information we are gathering on Innovation Farms will increase sustainability and on-farm productivity. In addition to monitoring in-field parameters, these sensors have the ability to provide new perspectives on crop health and production throughout the season.

Showcasing technology demonstrations

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Metos weather station and soil sensor
METOS® weather stations

Live and predictive information from the seven METOS® weather stations we have placed across Innovation Farms provide insight into disease forecasting, yield predictions, and local weather events that influence crop production.
Sentek soil probes

With six Sentek soil probes deployed and active on the FieldClimate app, we can access instant readings of below-ground soil moisture, soil temperature, and volumetric ionic content at multiple depths within the rooting zone. These readings can be used to inform a producer of optimal moisture and temperature for sowing or the level of salinity in the soil.

CropVIEW® crop camera
CropVIEW® crop cameras

CropVIEW® crop cameras produce periodic high-resolution photos for remote monitoring of crop events such as emergence, the effects of in-field chemical applications, and disease or pest damage.

iSCOUT® insect trap
iSCOUT® insect traps

Using the iSCOUT® mobile app to monitor insect traps, we are able to identify specific insect species on the farm, with particular attention to the presence of diamondback moths and wheat midge, which can damage green canola tissue throughout the growing season.
Ukko weather station

Live and predictive information from our Ukko weather station provides insight into weather (temperature, precipitation, and wind speed), crop growth stages, and incidents of disease to determine optimal spraying windows.