Testing and validating technology solutions

What we are working on

At Innovation Farms, EMILI tests and validates new technologies in a commercial farm setting to demonstrate whether or not they can effectively solve prairie issues at a prairie scale, bringing new innovations from pre-commercial to market. 

Real-time plant response and yield sensing

AIRM's Crop Sentry systems collect daily multispectral point cloud and other sensor data throughout the season on soil conditions, weather, and plant health. Computer vision and machine learning models provide real-time information to predict crop yield and quality outcomes to optimize decisions and inform best practice standards.

FINCH mission: satellite imagery for tracking crop residue
EMILI, University of Toronto

EMILI is working with researchers from University of Toronto's Aerospace Team - Space Systems Division to conduct a technological demonstration of crop residue mapping from the low-earth orbit using hyperspectral short wave infrared satellite remote sensing.

AI for weed management and detection
EMILI, Geco Engineering

We are working with Geco Egineering to assess the performance of their techniques for proactive weed management including predicting weed locations and detecting emerging herbicide resistance. We are using drone flights and satellites to collect imagery on kochia and wild oat.

Computer vision and phenotyping of peas

We are developing image collections of pea plants and their root systems in order to apply machine learning to prairie crops and test the associations between Rhizobium inoculation and pea growth. Rapid phenotyping pipelines will allow pea breeders to select for increased resilience and higher yields faster than previously possible.

weather station installation
Disease Modelling ROI
EMILI, Metos

EMILI has placed METOS®  weather stations across Innovation Farms, allowing us to remotely monitor crop events such as emergence, the effects of in-field chemical applications, disease, environmental or pest damage.

Environmental Monitoring
EMILI, Ukko Agro

Live and predictive information from Ukko Agro's weather station on Innovation Farms provides insight into weather (temperature, precipitation, and wind speed), crop growth stages, and disease incidence to determine optimal spraying windows.

Metos weather station and soil sensor
Yield Prediction ROI
EMILI, Metos

Live and predictive information from seven METOS® weather stations placed across Innovation Farms provides EMILI with insight into disease forecasting, yield predictions, and local weather events that influence crop production.

iSCOUT® insect trap
iScout ROI
EMILI, Metos

EMILI uses an iSCOUT® mobile app to monitor insect traps and identify specific insect species on the farm. We pay particular attention to the presence of diamondback moth and wheat midge, which can damage canola and wheat crops throughout the growing season.

Connect with us

Working together, we can increase integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support scale-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Manitoba's growth as a leader in digital agriculture. Whether you are from industry, academia, or leading a start-up, we'd love to connect with you about collaborating on a project. Connect with us by email to start a conversation.