Environmental monitoring


Crop growth and disease forecasting models for crop input decisions

Collaborators: EMILI, Ukko Agro (2023, 2024)

Live and predictive information from Ukko Agro's weather stations on Innovation Farms provides EMILI with insight into weather (temperature, precipitation, and wind speed), crop growth stages, and disease incidence to determine optimal spraying windows. At the start of the 2024 season, EMLI installed three stations, with plans to install a fourth station in a nearby field after seeding. The stations monitor environmental conditions and model crop growth/disease forecasting to enhance scouting insights. This helps the Innovation Farms team understand if, when, and where to apply crop inputs.

Weather stations monitor environmental conditions on Innovation Farms


The green dots on this map, which was taken from Ukko Agro's ForeSite app, shows where EMILI set up the first Ukko Agro weather stations on Innovation Farms in the 2024 season.