Investor Members

Investor Members

(Matching Contribution)
  • Financial contribution, up to 25% in-kind
  • 50% matching from EMILI
  • Projects must: integrate some form of AI/ML, and ave 1-4 Canadian industry and technology partners

The early adopter “investor companies” are illustrative of the immediate tangible revenue and job opportunities derived from the adoption of intelligent AI systems. EMILI will seek to onboard new companies, or consortia of companies (notably, food processing companies) creating a self sustaining ecosystem. EMILI will run a competitive “open gate” process for selecting the best projects that deliver the greatest jolt for Canadian GDP (modelled on SDTC).

HEMP: AI-based, hemp fibre optimization plant processing system

EQUIPMENT:Next stage advanced object detection and recognition capabilities

Quantify livestock GHG emissions and monitor reduction strategies, increasing feed efficiency and reducing methane emissions through genomics, genetic analyses of feed intake, efficiency and female fertility and cow lifetime productivity etc.

Creation of smart storage and verification for agriculture producers and processors. This will lead to enhanced logistics and traceability solutions for raw commodities and the value added processing industry

Automated Technologies for Precision Horticulture, Smart Monitoring Systems for Greenhouse Floriculture

DAIRY: Dairy processing optimization and automation

EQUIPMENT: Accelerating the Farm of the Future Through the Use of AI/ML Tools.”

Autonomous water management, irrigation, insurance systems

Accelerating real-time agriculture insights and business intelligence through the application of AI to meteorology and agro-meteorology data


EQUIPMENT: Autonomous power platform for agricultural

Harness advanced AI/ML tools that will increase the value of data management solutions for global agriculture

Combine precision agriculture equipment data, external data, with historical production data to provide optimization advice

Next Generation BioSurveillance Using AI/ML Tools - identifying risks to crop production and value-added processing before they cause significant loss

EcoAction Innovative Solutions

Largest plant/crop health signal data repository in the world within five years.

EQUIPMENT: Spectral-Based Soil Sensing Technologies and Multi-Spectral Imaging Projects for Crop Disease Identification

Increasing the capacity of Aboriginal inclusion in the Agriculture sector and bio-tech space. Automate and control the production systems of fish, food and algae

AI/ML analytical platform and sensor integration - Advanced manuf. processing, plant-bio integrity, disease/pathogen detection, food processing, protein integrity

DOT Technology Corp.