EMILI is delighted to announce that Lasha Glennie is joining the EMILI team as Manager of Capital Enablement.

In this role, Glennie will work with start-ups and entrepreneurs to facilitate access to resources, mentorship, and financial support. This activity is essential for empowering start-ups and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their ventures.

With her HR certificate, Event Management certificate, and PMP designation, her commitment to lifelong learning is clear. Glennie has been an integral part of the technology community in Winnipeg for the past eight years, assisting numerous companies with securing investment, sales, and partnerships.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lasha Glennie to our team as Manager of Capital Enablement,” said EMILI Managing Director Jacqueline Keena.

“Her experience and passion for supporting start-ups will be invaluable as we continue to connect agri-food entrepreneurs with the resources, mentorship, and financial support they need to thrive in the digital agriculture industry,” said Keena. 

Glennie joins the EMILI team at a great time, as new micro-grant recipients will be announced soon. These grants are designed to provide a financial boost to businesses that may not yet be eligible for larger funding opportunities, helping them to get off the ground and grow into thriving enterprises. 

Capital enablement is an important strategic pillar of EMILI operations because it helps to foster innovation and support the growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the digital agriculture sector. By connecting new and emerging businesses with the resources, mentorship, and financial support they need to succeed, we can drive economic growth and increase job opportunities in the prairies. This ultimately benefits the entire community by encouraging technological advancement and providing a supportive ecosystem.