EMILI is working on “some pretty aggressive moon-shots on what we think we can do for the digital agriculture economy in Manitoba,” says Martin Cash in the November 4 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press. 

The University of Winnipeg, in partnership with Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI), received about $2.5 million from Western Economic Diversification to develop, among other things, labelled data sets of weed and crop images.

Such data sets — with hundreds of thousands of labelled images — could eventually be used to develop machine-learning algorithms that could allow farmers to spray herbicides only of the weeds, saving money on inputs and saving the environment on minimizing spraying.

At an EMILI-sponsored virtual conference on Wednesday called Enlightened Agriculture, the provincial and federal governments came up with another $630,000 for EMILI to strengthen collaborations between industry and academia to ensure greater alignment in developing skilled workers for this new digital ag tech era.

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