Work-integrated learning for students

Gain work experience to inform your future career

By participating in a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program and learning more about the digital agriculture industry you can develop the required skills to be successful as you transition from your academic program into the workforce.

WIL complements “traditional” class-based learning, providing opportunities to make connections, learn new skills, and gain knowledge about career paths you might not be aware of. Digital agriculture is an exciting industry with lots of opportunities for everyone! No agriculture experience needed, just a willingness to learn and try new things!

There are many different WIL models including programs designed to fit around your school schedule to allow you to continue your studies, while gaining career experience.

Enhance your skills, talent, and knowledge through WIL

By participating in a WIL program and learning more about the digital agriculture industry you can develop the required skills to be successful as you transition from your academic program into the workforce. The most sought after skill sets in the digital agriculture industry include:

Technical Agriculture Skills such as soil science, plant breeding, genetics, agronomy

Technology Skills such as data analysis and management

Business Skills such as financial literacy, export market identification

Human Skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, work ethic

Meet some of EMILI's past student interns

Entering the workforce directly after school with no prior industry experience can be daunting; WIL opportunities can help bridge the gap between school to work, allowing for a smoother transition. Students who participate in WIL gain workplace experience and career readiness skills, which generally makes them more employable upon graduation.

three people holding advancing digital agriculture sign.

Brittanie Parisien joined EMILI as an intern in 2022. She was thrilled when this role that led to a full time contract on EMILI's team.

Program: UM Arts Career Apprenticeship

"Going from school to work is a daunting task, but I think work-integrated learning is a great bridge. It provides a transition for students to begin their career in a safer, more supportive way"

Brittanie Parisien (Bachelor of Arts, UM) 

three woman at board room table in front of computer.

Gisela Sanchez took part in an EMILI internship in February 2023. She graduated with a full time role in her field.

Program: UW Artificial Intelligence Diploma

"This experience changed my perspective on agriculture and how powerful AI can be in it. It was great to see firsthand the amazing work EMILI is doing to accelerate digital agriculture."

Gisela Sanchez (AI Diploma, UWinnipeg)

Ryan Ruchkall's summer 2023 internship with EMILI at Innovation Farms gave him the opportunity to demonstrate, test, and validate new technologies.

Program: UM, Bachelor of Science, Agronomy

"The hands-on experience I gained this summer has not only introduced me to digital agriculture but also provided me with a set of tools that are highly applicable to my degree."

Ryan Ruchkall (BSc, Agronomy, UM)

Develop digital skills and gain insights into sustainable agriculture

Deadline for Summer 2024 student registration is Friday, June 7, 2024.

ICTC’s Sustainable Agriculture course is an online course for post-secondary students. This three month course is designed to help students gain an understanding about sustainable agriculture practices, agribusiness, agri-technology, and much more. Students already in ICTC’s WIL Digital Program can register. Those students not in the WIL Digital Program must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person who is enrolled at a Canadian accredited post-secondary institution. This course allows students to develop their agriculture digital skills that align with employer needs. Students who participate in this course receive a certificate upon successful completion and gain access to ICTC’s job search resources for future opportunities. Students benefit from this course by enhancing their work-ready skills and expanding their network with live sessions from experts in the industry and other WIL students across Canada.

Find the opportunity that's right for you

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in learning more about digital agriculture work placement opportunities, contact student services at your college or university to learn more.

Here are links to the academic institutions EMILI partners with: