Skills, training, and talent

Expanding digital agriculture skills and knowledge

Skills, training, and talent development is one of EMILI's strategic pillars. From fostering engagement in Manitoba's Digital Agriculture Table, to developing work-integrated learning resources, to providing youth opportunities to gain skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in digital agriculture through the Explore Project we engage with diverse people and technologies to create opportunities for people from non-agriculture backgrounds to obtain important skills and training while gaining hands-on experience and exposure to a wide variety of career opportunities in digital agriculture.

Our other pillars are intelligent technology integration; capital enablement; and innovation and research. Guided by these strategic pillars EMILI works with industry and academia to provide people with the resources, connections, skills, and training they need.

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The continued success of Canadian agriculture relies on its ability to adopt new technology, attract a skilled and diverse labour force, and embrace sustainability. Working together, we can increase the integration of intelligent technologies, empower people with digital skills, support start-ups to grow in the prairies, and accelerate Canada's growth as a leader in digital agriculture.

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