Skills & Talent

Skills & Talent

EMILI works with industry and academia to ensure that people are empowered to succeed in a digital economy. Part of this work is offering Work-Integrated Learning Opportunities for Students at innovative digital agriculture and technology organizations.

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Check out the Manitoba Industry-Academia working group

Manitoba Industry-Academia Collaboration

EMILI facilitates the Manitoba Industry-Academia working group, a collaboration with representatives from industry and academia in the province of Manitoba. If you would like to be a part of this group, please contact us!

This working group brings leaders from industry and academia together to collaborate and implement strategies to ensure that students and life-long learners receive education and training that is applicable for the future of digital agriculture and aligned with industry-demanded skills.

The working group will highlight the evolution and opportunities available across the digital agriculture industry. A key outcome of this work will be a talent pipeline to match the demands of the well-paying, disruption-proof jobs needed in the digital agriculture industry