Since launching in Winnipeg in 2005, Tactica Interactive (Tactica) has developed a reputation as an expert in interactive media and custom software. This includes working with many agribusiness clients to develop digital tools such as mobile apps, web applications, back end logistical systems, and other applied AI technologies. 

When Tactica Partner Vergil Kanne turned to EMILI for support in early 2022, he wanted to expand Tactica’s network and showcase their agricultural expertise. In May 2022, they received an Emergence Initiative Grant to create an agriculture-specific landing page that highlights projects related to ag tech innovation. 

“This microsite very clearly articulates the full scope of our work, who we work with, and what our value proposition is,” said Kanne. “This is invaluable when we connect with potential customers in the agriculture space.” 

Since launching the microsite, Kanne says he has had new clients tell him how happy they were to find a custom software development company in Manitoba that understands the language of agriculture. 

“Tactica helps ag companies drive revenue, increase customer engagement, and build data insights,” said Kanne. “Leading agriculture companies across the value chain leverage Tactica’s lean product validation framework, user-centered design processes, and experienced product team to craft custom software solutions that help customers and internal stakeholders get the job done.”

Kanne has been with Tactica since its early years. He joined in 2008 and became a partner soon after. He works with a team of business analysts, designers, and software engineers to design, validate, and build custom software with a specific focus on life sciences such as health and agriculture.

“Agriculture is one of Tactica’s pillars. One of our core values is that we want to do meaningful work and have an impact on the world, and we see agriculture as a sector that allows us to do this,” said Kanne. 

For the past 15 years, agriculture has been a big part of Tactica work, but until recently this work was buried amidst other projects on their website. Having a microsite with a spotlight on agriculture makes it easier to point to the work the Tactica team has done in this space. 

“We have expertise in both software development and agriculture, but before we received EMILI’s Emergence Initiative Grant, the world didn’t know about it,” said Kanne. 

“EMILI is proud to have been able to support Tactica in this way,” said EMILI Capital Enablement Manager Lasha Glennie. “Projects like this are an important way to expand digital agriculture and strengthen one of Manitoba’s key industries.”

Through the Emergence Initiative Grant, EMILI works with corporate partners to provide financial support and guidance to ag tech innovators. Over the past two years, this initiative has funded over 220k toward emerging technologies.

Visit Tactica’s microsite at to learn more about their work with agriculture companies across the Prairies.