This is Agriculture

A sophisticated sector made up of diverse people and technologies


You may be surprised to learn that not all careers in digital agriculture take place on the farm. There are analysts, writers, and others who contribute to the sector from offices in the city, as well as individuals who operate equipment and collect and analyze data on the farm.

Throughout 2023, EMILI will be sharing a series of stories that introduce you to the talented and diverse people and technologies that make up Canada's digital agriculture sector. While individuals working in agriculture come from a variety of backgrounds, they share a common interest in growing and strengthening Canadian agriculture to ensure an environmentally and economically sustainable future for generations to come.

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Learn about some of the diverse and talented individuals working in digital agriculture

leanne kroscil
Project Associate at EMILI
Leanne Koroscil, BSc, MSc (Plant Science)

Growing up on a Manitoba grain farm, Leanne Koroscil saw first hand how technology transformed the way her family farmed. She remembers her dad's first GPS-guided steering wheel. She now spends her days collecting valuable data that provides new perspectives on crop health and production throughout the season. Read Leanne's story.

Founder and CEO at Inputs Pro
Kristen Timmerman, CCA, BSc (Agronomy)

Raised in an entrepreneurial family in Treherne, Manitoba, Kristen has always strived for innovation. In addition to working as an agronomist, she founded the Inputs Pro mobile app and website to provide Western Canadian growers and agronomists with essential crop data based on the government issued Guide to Field Crop Protection. Read Kristen's story.
Innovation Farms Manager at EMILI
Danielle Bérard, PAg, CCA, BSc (Agronomy)

Danielle grew up surrounded by planes next door to her grandparents farm where from a young age she was her grandpa's co-pilot in the field and in the air. His influence inspired her to become an agronomist and a drone pilot, two passions she brings to her role at EMILI's Innovation Farms Powered by AgExpert. Read Danielle's story.
Farm Journalist at Canola Council of Canada
Jay Whetter, BA (History, Political Science, Indigenous Studies), CreComm (Journalism)

Jay grew up on a farm in southwest Manitoba. He writes about digital agriculture, agronomy, grain farming, and other farm-related topics. In 2022, he wrote an insightful feature article on his journey to learn more about Indigenous history in Canadian agriculture. Read Jay's story. (Photo credit: Tom Thomson)

Brittanie Parisien headshot
Research Analyst at EMILI
Brittanie Parisien, BA (English, Film Studies)

Brittanie has been working in digital agriculture since 2022. She was introduced to the industry through University of Manitoba's Career Apprenticeship program. The chance to intern in an industry where she hadn’t previously imagined herself changed the direction of her career. Read Brittanie's story.

Learn how digital agriculture technologies provide vital insights
AgExpert Field Data and Accounting

AgExpert Field and Accounting software provides valuable insights as part of our testing, research, and technology development

CropVIEW® crop camera
IOT Sensors and Weather Stations

Weather stations, soil sensors, crop cameras, and insect monitoring stations inform sustainable and profitable crop production decisions from field to field.
Prairie-centred machine learning algorithms

Millions of labelled images are being produced to train machine learning models for plant phenotyping, disease assessment and weed management.

What's your story?

As technology advances to transform the way we produce food, there are opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets to find meaningful work. We'd love to hear about your journey to a digital agriculture career. If you have a story to share, let us know. Email or send us a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn. We'd love to connect.