Manitoba’s water management strategy, which will be administered by EMILI, will include short-term actions (to be implemented within five years) to address immediate issues related to water management as well as longer-term actions (implemented over 15 to 20 years) that will support the strategy’s goal over the longer term.

“Manitoba has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a water management strategy to drive economic and environmental prosperity in our province,” said Ray Bouchard, chair of the oversight committee for the fund.

“Over the next year, this fund will support building a roadmap for a long-term water management strategy with identified projects from key economic sectors and insights from a diversity of stakeholders in Manitoba.”

The fund will be administered by the Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI), and an oversight committee, jointly appointed by EMILI and the minister, has also been established to review and approve projects and activities under the fund.

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