Manitoba Water Strategy

Working together to manage water sustainably

In April 2021, the Government of Manitoba provided EMILI with a grant to establish a Water Strategy Fund to enable stakeholder engagement, conduct research and analysis into best practices in other jurisdictions, and launch multiple strategic water projects to accelerate and inform the government’s creation of a new provincial water management strategy.


Manitoba’s last comprehensive water plan dates back to 2003. However, the intertwined dynamics of climate change, market opportunities and municipal population growth demand a new, holistic provincial water management strategy to protect Manitoba’s environment and bolster economic prosperity into the future.

As an organization with connections to government, industry, academia and the non-profit organizations across Manitoba and the Prairies, EMILI was chosen based on its ability to tap into a broad range of perspectives around water usage, water-related issues and the potential application of intelligent technologies. To guide EMILI’s work, the Province and EMILI jointly appointed an oversight committee with representatives from government, business, industry and the Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development.

What's next

EMILI submitted its recommendations report to Manitoba’s Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks in June 2022.

The report consists of over 60 suggested short and long term action items to enhance and protect Manitoba’s water supply for the coming decades, as well as key findings and analysis of water issues in Manitoba, and detailed overviews of the outcomes of three strategic water projects commissioned by EMILI through the Water Strategy Fund.

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