EMILI, with our partner Bioenterprise, is pleased to announce an investment of $40,000 into Manitoba start-ups and scale-ups. EMILI is working to drive digital innovation in the agri-food sector and provide resources to agri-tech and food start-up companies in Manitoba.

Tactica Interactive‘s software development team collaborates with clients to solve complex business, research, and integration problems. They have proven to be an expert in delivering innovative and engaging interactive digital media experiences from concept to completion. Tactica Interactive collaborates with clients to create award-winning websites, mobile apps, research tools, games, and interactive experiences. They are a custom software development team that helps their clients solve complex business, research, and integration problems.

We were able to support First Descent Software’s creation of an integrated sales and marketing platform that traces the journey of crops from the farm to the greenhouse. The First Descent team specializes in creating and integrating new software tools for sales and marketing and can integrate them into your existing platforms.

We worked with Carbon Asset Solutions to test safe ways to use their newly patented precision measurement technology to measure and deliver high-quality soil-based carbon credits to global markets.

Using newly precision-measurement patented technology, Carbon Asset Solutions measures and delivers high-quality soil-based carbon credits to global markets faster and more efficiently than ever before. They generate more income for farmers, more security for companies and more opportunity for our planet to reach net zero emissions.