EMILI looks forward to hosting Manitoba 4R Day at Innovation Farms on Thursday, August 1, 2024. Throughout the day, field demonstrations and presentations will showcase how sustainable 4R practices (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place) can be applied across the Prairies.

Innovation Farms Manager Leanne Koroscil looks forward to connecting with attendees to discuss how 4R principles are increasing sustainability, as well as the chance to share how digital agriculture technologies, such as soil probe sensors, inform decisions on Innovation Farms.

“Soil probes help us make good 4R decisions,” she said. “For example, if you have a soil probe measuring temperature and moisture, it can provide you with the optimal sowing window at the beginning of the season. This saves time and money while also following two of the four ‘R’s: Right Place and Right Time.”

With more than 50 sensors installed across Innovation Farms, EMILI collaborates with innovators in industry and academia to test, validate, and demonstrate technologies and techniques aimed at increasing productivity, sustainability, and profitability across the agriculture and agri-food sector. These sensors provide valuable data to inform decision-making on crop health and production throughout the season.

“I am thrilled to be at the frontline of testing novel and sustainable digital agriculture solutions,” said Koroscil.

“My hope is that the diverse work we are doing on Innovation Farms not only increases productivity, efficiency, and sustainability within the agriculture industry, but is insightful and inspiring to anyone not directly involved in digital agriculture,” she said.

4R Nutrient Stewardship improves on-farm economics, crop productivity and fertilizer efficiency while benefiting the environment. Manitoba 4R Day showcases the importance of nutrient stewardship to foster a sustainable agricultural industry for future generations.

EMILI is grateful to Fertilizer Canada and the Canola Council of Canada for collaborating with us for the second year in a row, on an informative day of tours showcasing 4R practices. Registration is free but pre-registration is required.