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A sophisticated sector made up of diverse people and technologies

EMILI's "This is Agriculture" campaign highlights talented and diverse people working in Canada's digital agriculture sector. You may be surprised to learn that not all careers in digital agriculture take place on the farm. There are analysts, writers, and others who contribute to the sector from offices in the city, as well as individuals who operate equipment and collect and analyze data on the farm. Click on the stories below to learn more. You can also follow and share the hashtag #ThisisAgriculture on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read about people working in digital agriculture
Manager of Public Policy and Stakeholder Engagement at EMILI
Kyle Hiebert

Growing up in rural agricultural communities outside of Winnipeg, Kyle Hiebert has always been captivated by food. He now works in digital agriculture keeping EMILI informed on the priorities of policy organizations and stakeholder partners. Read Kyle's story.
General Manager at Keystone Agricultural Producers
Brenna Mahoney

When it comes to Manitoban farmers accessing digital agriculture solutions, Brenna Mahoney has their back. In her role at KAP, Mahoney is responsible for ensuring farmers have access to cutting-edge digital tools to support the sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture. Read Brenna's story.
Founder and CEO of Geco Predictive Weed Control
Greg Stewart

Before working in digital agriculture, Greg Stewart made products to enhance output efficiency across several industries. With each experience, he learned a little bit more about technology and technology adoption. Today, he's shifted his focus to digital agriculture where he helps farmers identify where and when weeds will grow. Read Greg's story.

Talia Thomson
Communications Specialist at EMILI
Talia Thomson

Talia works at EMILI as a Communications and Marketing Specialist. She shares her unlikely path into the agrifood sector, and how her previous experiences in writing, communications, and event management helped her land a job in agriculture. Read Talia's story.

Jacqueline Keena
Managing Director at EMILI
Jacqueline Keena

As a self-described proud Manitoban, Jacqueline has always been interested in what drives the province's economy. Jacqueline first learned about the agriculture industry in high school and the wide array of jobs that exist within field. Recognizing its importance to both Manitoba and Canada, Jacqueline was set on a career path in agriculture. Read Jacqueline's story.
Policy and Research Analyst at EMILI
Madison Marinic

As a Research and Policy Analyst, Madison plays an important role in supporting EMILI's projects and strategic initiatives. She shares what surprised her when she started working in digital agriculture, and why you don't need an agricultural background to contribute to the industry. Read Madison's story.

Leanne Koroscil headshot
Innovation Farms Manager at EMILI
Leanne Koroscil

Leanne is the farm manager at Innovation Farms. She grew up in a rural community and comes from a family of farmers. Leanne shares some of her favourite digital agriculture technologies, and why she loves working in the digital agriculture and agri-food space. Read Leanne's story.
Communications Manager at EMILI
Jennifer Cox

Jennifer uses strategic storytelling to spotlight the high caliber of work that exists in digital agriculture, both in Manitoba and across the Prairies. As EMILI's Communications Manager, Jennifer works to highlight the innovative people, technologies and research taking place in the agriculture industry. Read Jennifer's story.
Skills and Talent Research Analyst at EMILI
Brittanie Parisien

As a Skills and Talent Research Analyst at EMILI, Brittanie helps to raise awareness on the career opportunities in digital agriculture. She helps to engage those with non-agriculture backgrounds to obtain skills and training needed to succeed in digital agriculture. Read Brittanie's story.
Skills and Talent Manager at EMILI
Rachel LeClair

Rachel is EMILI's Skills and Talent Manager. She shares how she uses her skills in project management and community development to raise awareness on career opportunities in digital agriculture. Read Rachel's story.
Agronomist at Rutherford Farms
Emily Laudin

Emily Laudin is a sales agronomist at Rutherford Farms. In this feature she talks about the importance of building a strong network, and how innovation in digital agriculture – and a little friendly competition – keep her motivated on the farm. Read Emily's story.
Research Project Manager at TerraByte
Manisha Ajmani

As a child growing up in Koderma, India, Manisha Ajmani was fascinated with learning how things worked and had an appreciation for agriculture. She shares how this shaped her decision to apply her electronics engineering degree to agriculture and help to enhance efficiency and productivity on the farm. Read Manisha's story.

AgExpert Senior Product Owners
Janelle Wells and Bryan Prystupa

Neither Janelle Wells or Bryan Prystupa grew up on a farm, but being born and raised on the prairies means they both felt a strong connection to agriculture from a young age and have spent over a decade working with FCC. When they visited Innovation Farms this summer, we asked them if they’d be willing to share their career journey. Read Bryan and Janelle's story.

Founder and CEO at Inputs Pro
Kristen Timmerman, CCA, BSc (Agronomy)

Raised in an entrepreneurial family in Treherne, Manitoba, Kristen has always strived for innovation. In addition to working as an agronomist, she founded the Inputs Pro mobile app and website to provide Western Canadian growers and agronomists with essential crop data based on the government issued Guide to Field Crop Protection. Read Kristen's story.

What's your story?

As technology advances to transform the way we produce food, there are opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets to find meaningful work. We'd love to hear about your journey to a digital agriculture career. If you have a story to share, let us know. Email or send us a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn. We'd love to connect.